Understanding The Massive Potential Of IoT – Integrated Medical Alert Systems

Thirty-four percent—that’s how much of the US’ total medical expenditure went to senior health care in 2010. While it may seem rather small at first glance, it quickly becomes alarmingly more significant once the fact that only 13% of the total American population were seniors at the time is taken into account. Fortunately, the Internet […]

Blood Processing and Consumables Market will be Driven by Technological Innovations

Blood processing is an effective mechanism for using donor blood for various patients. Currently, there is a stark difference between blood processing in developed and developing countries. While nearly 96% blood obtained through donations is separated into different components such as plasma and platelet concentrates, developing countries have a long way to go. According to […]

Deep Brain Stimulation: A Futuristic Treatment Model with a Lot of Potential

Deep brain stimulation is widely used in the treatment of Parkinson ’s disease. It is estimated that over 10 million people around the globe are afflicted with Parkinson’s. With the help of deep brain stimulation devices, a steady recovery has been reported in people battling Parkinson’s. The efficacy of deep brain stimulation devices in treating […]

Modern Wound Management: A Panacea for Maladies

Globally, wound care products are becoming more advanced in terms of helping drastically reduce recovery time and being increasingly non-invasiveness. Manufacturers are focusing more on bioactive wound care products, owing to surging demand from healthcare providers. Biomaterials are projected to continue to gain traction among manufacturers, with the market expected to be flooded with superabsorbent […]

Opioids Losing Sheen to Alternative Pain Management Methods

The risk of addiction associated with use of opioids tend to overshadow it many useful properties. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 40 people in the U.S. die daily due to overdose of opioids. However, their role in reducing moderate to severe pain ensures a steady demand from healthcare providers. Currently, opioids […]

Pharmaceutical Excipients: Versatile Tastemakers of Drug Formulation

Excipients are inert substances formulated alongside the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in a medication. It helps in stabilization, acts as a filler or enhances solubility, increases shelf-life, facilitates better absorption of the medication, and prevents denaturation. This does away with the need for a specific substance to impart each of these properties and thus, helps […]

Cell Culture – A Doorway to Infinitesimal Possibilities in Healthcare

Cells are the building blocks of any form of life. In-depth research about cells provides an insight into the genetic structure, understanding of which holds the key to formulating effective treatment approach for complex heart and genetic disorders. Deep understanding of the cell and the effects of its environment and that of different drugs on […]

Veterinary Vaccines: A Preventive Approach for Maintaining Health & Well-being of Animals

Vaccines are an integral part of the overall veterinary healthcare approach. Periodic vaccination helps in prevention of various debilitating diseases in animals. Over the last decade or so, focus on pet humanization and increasing farm output has led to higher demand for vaccination. The global veterinary vaccines market was valued at $5.68 billion in 2015. […]

Reduction of Stent prices in India: Impact on Global and Indian Healthcare Industry

To treat coronary artery disease (CAD), stents, which are minute expandable mesh like tube are inserted into blocked arteries of heart. In India, 90-95 per cent cardiovascular deaths are caused by CAD. As per the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, 2015, around 61.5 million people suffered from CAD in India. The National Pharmaceutical Pricing […]

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