Enhancing Quality of Life of Elderly Thrusts Geriatric Care Services Market into a 600 Million Industry

Since days of old, the concept of joint families has ensured mutual support and care for all in the family, especially the elderly. However, with the advent of nuclear families and an exponential rise in the number of women in the workforce, caring for the elderly has emerged as a major concern. To address this […]

CAR T Cell Therapy- Autologous Cancer Therapeutic Combating Toxicity

Cancer immunotherapy aims to eradicate tumors without the toxicity associated with conventional cancer treatments. Tumors suppress immunity by evading host immune-response. Strengthening immunity is the most appropriate treatment to thwart nasty cancerous tumors. Immunotherapy focuses on strengthening the body’s natural immune system to fight cancer. In CAR T Cell therapy, T lymphocytes (T cells) are […]

Dental Implants- Promise of Hassle-free, Everlasting Teeth for Psychosocial Wellbeing

A healthy smile radiates beauty and grace, winning hearts. The role of a perfect set of teeth in a smile cannot be emphasized enough. No wonder people are scarred for life because of diffidence due to an incomplete set of teeth. As per statistics released by the World Health Organization in April 2012, 16-40% children […]

Indian Healthcare Sector Revolution: A ‘HIT’ in the Making

The healthcare sector in India has undergone drastic changes in post-independence. While rapid strides have been made such as eradication of diseases such as polio and smallpox and vast improvements made in health indicators such as life expectancy and mortality, one cannot overlook the disparity when it comes to the relatively weak healthcare infrastructure and […]

Effects of Donald Trump’s Presidency on Global Healthcare Sector: An Indian Perspective

Donald Trump has created quite a stir as soon as he stepped in as the 45th President of the United States of America. His first order was directed to reduce the fiscal load of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). He reinstated the Global Gag rule and strengthened border security by ordering to build the […]

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Devices: Clearing Dark Clouds of Pain

Extending pain relief to people in distress is the noblest of all ‘karmas’ and this nobility has bestowed an exponentially growing status to the global negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)  devices market over the last three decades. Negative wound therapy, also called vacuum-assisted wound closure (VAC), refers to systems that aid rapid wound healing by […]

Women Empowerment Powering Global Breast Pumps Market Forward

Women Empowerment Women empowerment has been a key area of focus across the globe, which in turn has created a highly conducive environment for the growth of the global breast pumps market. Breast pumps have turned out to be a silent proponent for women’s freedom and right to work uninhibited, as it allows nursing mothers […]

Factors Spurting Growth of Life Sciences BPO Market

The global life sciences industry has witnessed rampant growth over the last decade. Expiry of product patents and overall economic downturn leading to plummeting revenue in the recent past is influencing major players in the industry to develop alternative drugs and related services to sustain in the market. Moreover, stringent regulatory compliance further translates to […]

Detrimental Effects of Fast Foods & Tobacco Inadvertently Fuel Global Dental Equipment Market Growth

Changing lifestyles, characterized by unhealthy food habits and increasing consumption of high sugar food and aerated drinks is leading to a rapid decline in oral hygiene and spurt in the incidence of dental problems. As per oral health facts published by the World Health Organization in 2012, 60% to 90% of school children and close […]

The Angelina Jolie effect: Consumer Health Awareness Spurring the Growth of Automated Breast Ultrasound Market

Over the last couple of decades, cancer has emerged as one of the biggest threats to mankind, with a staggering 14.1 million cases as of 2012. Breast cancer is the second-most prevalent cancer, with around 1.7 million cases registered in 2012 alone. Apart from the increasing incidence of the disease, awareness about breast cancer has […]

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